Duff’s wants to partner with individuals who appreciate and can easily get on board with the operating spirit between the franchise community and corporate representatives. It’s one of collaboration to reach mutually beneficial business goals – a must for a thriving long-standing relationship.

No prior foodservice experience is necessary; with our unique, streamlined business concept and superior systems in place, combined with your motivation and dedication, you can become part of this remarkable franchise program. With our outstanding support system, our team of experienced experts, and a reputation of being the best, you will have the confidence to run a business that you can call your own – and that your customers will call home. To measure a candidate’s qualifications, we have established the following requirements:

  • For U.S. Opportunities: Initial investment range is $435,325-$972,323.
  • Duff’s requires that prospective candidates have the ability to secure funds of up to $500,000. 
  • For International Opportunities: The initial investment is determined on an individual country or territory basis. A minimum net worth of $1 to $2 million (U.S. dollars) is required.